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Emerge is an open world simulator featuring procedural storylines and an animated movie-esque style. The game makes use of procedural generation and an advanced AI system comprised of three independent neural-networked based machine learning systems. The core game concept explores multiplayer competitive questing in a way which has remained untouched.

Among the main themes of the game is perma-death; the decisions you make may leave you in mortal danger, but every character lost is a chance to start a new one.


Key features:

-Open world, modern environment with sci-fi/fantasy elements

-Quests given based on character stats, history

-Immersive and fluid interaction systems

-Destructible environment/Building and crafting

-Character customization

-Perma-death (caused by quest results or player decisions)


(Initial alpha releases will be SP only to reduce network testing burden)

Character generation
The character system uses a library of facial structures which are used to generate unique-looking individual NPCs and players that are baked at runtime. Additional details such as hair or clothing are mapped to the original mesh and modified to fit the new face or body shapes generated for each character.


The world is designed to be fully destructible and allows building custom structures, land features and crafting systems. The entire game world is loaded on the server/host to ensure all NPCs, items or locations are available to participate in active storyline quests. No matter how normal of a life your character may lead, dynamic quest lines will make surviving difficult as you go along.

Quests and Procedural Storyline

The current prototype system records character events which are combined with player and world stats to assemble quests for players. There is an additional layer of AI based story weaving that has been designed to operate the quest system but remains highly experimental. The base system alone is able to create playable content with standard coding logic and may not need fancy machine learning. I will speak more on this topic when I’ve decided which systems to keep in. At some point there will likely be an experimental branch to see if players find the AI generates intuitive quests or goes mad.

More info to come soon!

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