About Page

Mad Chemist Games was created to build games capable of being disruptive to gaming trends by introducing advanced concepts using digestible gameplay mechanics. Small indie developers provide an important niche in the advancement of gaming by taking the risk to explore ideas which have not been tested. The AAA game producers rely on tried and true gameplay concepts which they can build upon using their established brands and leverage cash flow to hire legions of artists, writers and coders to produce low-risk blockbuster titles. While indie developers don’t have this magnitude of resources, they don’t have the overhead or shareholder pressure either. This flexibility allows the little guys to accept more risk and attempt to create something very unique, which if successful, provides ideas which eventually filter into the mainstream.

I, The Mad Chemist, am a scientist with both academic and commercial experience. Simply put, scientific research is very expensive and enterprises which rely on it have a great deal of pressure to produce results in order to remain solvent. Technological creation therefore tends to focus on immediate, lucrative applications, consequently ideas such as sustainability or positive social impact become secondary issues. This is why I am making this foray into the entertainment market. If I can establish an income from an unrelated market, in this case entertainment, it will enable me to freely pursue scientific interests which could prove useful to humankind. More importantly, I could be free to do so without the pressure and influence of corporate goals or grant writers.