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A quiet town in a newly discovered land sits quietly on ancient magical artifacts and great power, unbeknownst to the villagers who dwell there. A group of witches have settled in the town, keenly aware of the arcane potentials around them, and are intent on driving out the innocents. With suspicions aroused, a witch hunt is on. Assume the role of either one of the villagers or of the newly formed witch coven. Not everyone may be as them seem however, with individual players having their own goals and characteristics that puts them at odds with each other.

Game rules:

  • Villagers must eliminate all the coven witches to win.
  • Villagers must complete assigned quests or the town will face ruin, resulting in an automatic loss.
  • The coven must either eliminate all villagers, or bring the town to ruin by completing quests.
  • The gameplay is divided into “episodes” which feature a set of quests for both villagers and the coven.
  • Some players are assigned a role with additional victory conditions which may require them to betray members of their team.
  • Ringing the bell in the church calls the entire village to a meeting, allowing players to accuse each other of witchcraft. Enough votes will result in the player being eliminated.

Gameplay features:

  • First person character control
  • In-game proximity VOIP
  • Immersive item handling and inventory control
  • Customizable character appearance